Amarant Coral Fountain

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Great hanging foxtail in a nice warm dust pink color

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The amaranth is an impressive plant species, and this is a beautiful version with a mild, old-pink color on the flowers. We use this type of hanging amaranth in bouquets and in essays, the largest of which are also beautiful alone in a vase. Amaranths can also be dried. Name: Amaranthus caudatus Coral Fountain height: can be 80 cm number of seeds in the package: about 90 Amarathus is germinating and easy to sow, we sow it indoors 4-6 weeks before planting after all danger of frost is over. It does not normally need tying, the plants are strong. But it must have plenty of space, we give it about 40 cm per plant. If you top it, you will get more and perhaps more useful flower shoots, but feel free to leave a few plants unopened to experience the really big versions of this flower. Make sure it gets enough water, if it gets drought stress it can get lice.
The fox tails are harvested when it has long, beautiful tails with a strong color. Remove the leaves so that the tail appears better so that the plant does not have to supply the leaves with water. It stays in the vase for a week, but it will want to sprinkle a little after a while.