Kransekurs søndag 8.november

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Welcome to the wreath course with us! We start carefully with the Christmas mood with low-intensity Christmas music, some clementines and maybe a little gingerbread. A few hours of peace and quiet with the fine materials of Christmas is a wonderful start on the road to Christmas.

In this course we make two wreaths, one on a straw bottom and one on a string. The course begins with a review of techniques, tips and tricks, before you make your two wreaths. You will receive guidance along the way. For the wreaths, we mainly use beautiful materials from Norwegian nature and production, which are combined so that you get the expression you want. We decorate the wreaths with fine ribbons, cones, berries and various other things, the scope and style you choose. We can guarantee that the wreaths you make will be finer and more charming than anything that can be bought!

The course starts at 11 am and lasts until approximately 3 pm. Normally we hold the wreath courses in our greenhouse, which is located by Åkerbutikken. It is warm, warm and cozy, with a temperature that requires a good wool sweater and some warm shoes. Coffee / tea and something to eat will be served. The field shop is or will be kept open, where you will find what you need if you want to make more wreaths later.

NB: The greenhouse is cramped and if the corona situation does not improve, we will have to hold the courses in our warehouse in Skullerud Park in Olav Helsets vei 5. It is convenient for both those who travel by public transport and those who drive and are only a few minutes driving from the field. We are absolutely sure we will have a nice time there too!


Time-limited hobby courses are exempt from the cancellation deadline law, and are not refunded. We do not consider the course place to be personal, and the place can be sold or given away if you cannot attend the course you have signed up for. You can also contact us to find out if we have a waiting list for the current course. In addition to this, the purchase of a course place in the online store is binding.